Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Their first release on Mans Ruin (R.I.P.), the one which caught everybody's attention, yet, not their best for me, but you have to think we are talking about 1998. Tripy melodies, upsides and downsides, I must say they made a pretty good record, a bit hard to incorporate at first listening, but with time it will grow on you. This has been chosen as one of the 10 essential albums of the entire genre by, isn't overrated? Well you figure it out....

I'm gonna take some days off for posting, I need to straight out my life, some business to take care among other projects ( BTW, any of you gomies has some good PHP/MySQL skills?).
I'll be back soon, leave in good hands)
4."I Love You"
6."Mux Cortoi"
9."El Negro"
10."Alberto Migré"


Cheeto said...

Fuckin' awesome upload!!! I have this, but I have it on wax, and it's scratched. You rule! Bloggers For The Brotherhood Of Stoners!!!!

Zillagord said...

Enjoy your time off (if you can). Know that you will be missed. Thanks for all the great tunes. Keep rockin'-- we'll see you here when you return.

Peluka said...

Algo de Ansy SQL de la facu, PHP nada. ¿What for?

Matias said...

Cheeto, Fuck yeah, the Stoner Poster's Brotherhood!
Zillagord, don't worry man! I need a week or less..regards man
Peluka, me voy a armar un taringa solo de musica, ya tengo los scripts y estoy a mitad de camino, hay que hacer la conexion a SQL y crear las tables..rock on baby!

Peluka said...

No, shit, no te puedo ayudar. Estoy en consultoria SAP, de web development poco y nada.

Anonymous said...

mathias here 2 posts with great stoner bands from down under, hope you like them
Greetz, Ron