Monday, September 24, 2007


Never it's a bad time for Dozer, I apologize for no posting this before, probably you all are familiar with this hell of a band, they are from Sweden, they have Kyuss riffs and singer is the best John Garcia's copycat I heard so far. Real nice.
Don't need much words to describe it, is just Dozer baby...
Regarding The Elevator Sessions, we will update soon. Keep working.

1. Let The Shit Roll
2. Freeloader
3. Soulshigh
4. Octanoid
5. Earth Yeti
6. Full Circle
7. Mono Impact
8. Early Grace
9. Tx-9
10. Thunderbolt


Rafa said...

Dozer is simply awesome!

Thanks for uploading this! :D

black hole son said...

Just discovered your blog in a search for Beaver's "Mobile". Easily the most kick-ass music blog I've come upon so far. Went through your older posts and found some great stuff like Alchemist and Goatsnake. So a big "thanks" from me.

And speaking of Beaver.. any chance you could put up "The Difference Engine"? Can't seem to find it anywhere. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one. I've been looking for the album for years now. Love their recent albums but this one was sold out. Thanks! Awesome live band too.

Scooby Doom said...

He guys, this blog is awesome,l as you know! I´m just a listener, and canñtplay any instrument... (that goes to the sessiones post)
A huge request: THE RECENTLY NEW PUNY HUMAN ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!! and you will be my God!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mathias,
check also out the beginning of DOZER, very rare split 7"s with DEMON CLEANER (posted it earlier but maybe it was not noticed)

Greetz, Ron

Big Jack said...

I'm taking the short trip to Lawrence tonight for BIG BUSINESS/MELVINS and this disc has K-10 written all over it. Thanks, Matias.

Matias said...

Ron, where were you man? Off course I grabbed it man.
Regards for everyone..

Gaia said...

Dead link