Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This is a debt for all our gomies, some time ago, our friend Scooby Doom (No longer with us bcz he was kicked out of his job for abusing of Internet) so, here is one of the best live performances heard in quite some time, pretty damn solid and precise set and 4 new studio tracks that totally bring it, make this one, one of a kind. I wouldn't say it's a live record if it weren't for the ambience and drum reverb, the guitar sounds closely the same than the studio recordings, I would ask some more improvisation, but that's me. ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL.
Anyway, since I'm very glad how the blog is running, I added some bonus for you to enjoy.
I love you all!*

01 - STD
02 - So Come On
03 - Turn Me On
04 - Kiss The Sun
05 - Intro
06 - Force Field
07 - Hey Alright
08 - Kiss The Sun
09 - Stork Theme
10 - The Cloning Chamber
11 - The Destroyer
12 - Maybe I'm A Leo
13 - Gettin' Old
14 - Ice Pick Freek
15 - Forty-Five
16 - Birth To The Earth
17 - Shit Kicker


*The author express his love on a fraternal love basis


El rock chingón said...

Thanks! I was looking for this one. Hard to find in Mexico.

Scooby Doom said...

Hey guys, thanks a lot for Atomic!! I will try to downlad it from a Cyberplace... yeah, they kick my ass out of the job :( sad... but i hate that job anyways... but.. .in 15 day more or less I will have internet at home... so I´ll will be back again from the ashes!!!!!!!!!


Do you know something about the new monster magnet cd????
I found a crappy cd calles LOVE MONSTER, it´s sometjhing like mosnter magnet demos from 1988 It´s funny, you should dig it!

Cheeto said...

I know you guys love Hermano on this blog, we have the new one on our blog if you want it..Oh, yeah, we have always liked this blog, surprised you haven't stopped by and said "hello" to us, yet.

Cheeto said...

Your link has been added, as well!! Cheers, brother!!

Cheeto said...

Lookin' for our link.. and where is it? (ok, we are a "now" generation!) LOL!

Big Jack said...

Cheeto-- We got you, man. You won me over as soon as I opened your page and "Stare Too Long" came on. Believe it or not, and unbeknownst to most of the G.O.M.E. Faithful, that might actually be my favorite song of all time.

Great blog, bro.

slik said...

Thanks for this. I agree that the live stuff is some of the best live music I've heard lately. Great selection of songs, too. Got to go out and get a official copy this one for the collection. The new stuff kicks too. I would have liked to have seen a Live record, and a new EP instead of combining the two, but thats me. Old school, I guess.

aleswy said...

Thanks! I'll try see their show in Roadburn Fest.
Great Blog bro!
Stay Stoner!