Tuesday, September 04, 2007

GOATSNAKE - I (1999)

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Another Man's Ruin casualty resurrected by G.O.M.E. For the uninitiated, GOATSNAKE originally consisted of THE OBSESSED's rhythm section (Greg Rogers & Guy Pinhas), guitarist Greg Anderson (BURNING WITCH, SUNN O)))), and vocalist Pete Stahl (SCREAM, EARTHLINGS?, DESERT SESSIONS). The lineup fluctuated over the years (as did the quality of the music), featuring both Scott Reeder and QOTSA's Joey Castillo. Don't expect Goatsnake I to bring any of those other bands to mind, with the possible exception of THE OBSESSED. There are elements of true-to-SABBATH classic doom here, but for the most part, Goatsnake I is simply a rock & roll album, completely devoid of Rogers' droning ambiance and Stahl's spaced-out quirkiness. In fact, disregard AMG's Ozzy comparisons altogether. If anything, Stahl's performance here sounds like Ian Astbury after a cycle or two of steroids. GOATSNAKE would record another great record for Man's Ruin, Flower of Disease, before going downhill. This full-length debut stands as a genre classic, and an interesting listen for fans of the members' primary bands.

1. Slippin' the Stealth
2. The Innocent
3. What Love Remains
4. IV
5. Mower
6. Dog Catcher
7. Lord of Los Feliz
8. Trower


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bowman said...

there was a (limited? not sure) lp-version with a real strange artwork on koziks "man's ruin"-label. somewhat of grey smokey with a killersound- this was at the time one of my hottest favs :) so evil and rolling...
greets from germoney-