Friday, September 07, 2007

KALAS - KALAS (2006)

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There's a lot to be said for KALAS. First and foremost, Matt Pike's involved. If you don't know what that means, then chances are you've inadvertently stumbled across the wrong blog. KALAS also features CRUEVO's Paul Kott (guitar) and Scott Plumb (drums). The rub here is that the legendary Pike only plays guitar on one song, acting almost solely as the band's lead singer. Singer. Take it literally. Some will say Pike simply needed an outlet for his more melodic stuff, as opposed to the brutality of HIGH ON FIRE, but the truth is that KALAS features Pike's most inspired writing and vocals to date. I love "Dragonaut" and "Blessed Black Wings" as much as the rest of you, but in my opinion "Frozen Sun" is better than both of those Pike classics. This is one of those essential records that slips under everyones' radar until years later. People who claim to sit through Dopesmoker sober will continue to bash KALAS, but G.O.M.E.'s never been about posing. It's always been about great rock & roll, and that's exactly what this band brings to the table.

1. Monuments to Ruins
2. Frozen Sun
3. Godpills
4. Media Screws
5. Things Done and Undone
6. Mother's Tears
7. Pleasurable Prison
8. Due Time
9. Voyager


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