Thursday, September 13, 2007


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After the prompt dissolution of SPIRIT CARAVAN (a trait unsettlingly common among Wino projects), bassist David Sherman passed his four-string to Rob Hampshire, grabbed his little-used SM-58, and formed EARTHRIDE. Taming of the Demons is damn near flawless, though the first thing most G.O.M.E. regs will notice is the fantastic sound of the album. This immaculate production is compliments of none other than Mike Dean, of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY fame. Let it be said that EARTHRIDE isn't breaking any new ground. The band knows its strengths and plays to them without much deviation or experimentation. Upon first listen, the uninitiated and the skeptical might think Big Jack has pulled a prank, uploading a MOTORHEAD 45 at 33 speed. In fact, if the opener, "Valiume 10", doesn't remind you of On Parole, then you're probably reading the wrong blog. Sherman's vocals, displayed occasionally with SPIRIT CARAVAN, do recall Lemmy, and at times they seem like an odd fit coupled with such groove-heavy rock & roll. The oddity works, though. Just check out "Under a Black Cloud" for proof. There's a distinct southern influence to this record, along with some trappings of traditional doom metal, but EARTHRIDE never loses its focus or its groove. Highly recommended to fans of CORROSION, CROWBAR, DOWN, SPIRIT CARAVAN, and anyone that just wishes MOTORHEAD would slow down more often.

1. Valiume 10
2. For Mere Remains
3. Train Wreck
4. Under a Black Cloud
5. Deception
6. Mr. Green
7. Taming of the Demons



ksn said...

"anyone that just wishes MOTORHEAD would slow down more often."

for some reason, this had in me in stitches for a solid five minutes. clearly time to get the hell out of the office :)

as always, guys, you post incredible artists and albums. thx,


Patrick said...

This is one of my favorite albums, I highly recommend this.

Mike Zippo said...

Love me some Earthride!
Here's the 4 song self titled debut ep-this is a killer diller!
Vinyl rip from the 10" Land Of Smiles reissue

winston said...

awesome record,your writeup,s on each record are spot on too,great blog