Friday, September 07, 2007


A collectors item, the great thing about this EP are the two Pre-Circus versions of Rodeo and Hurricane, which sound very similar to edited versions, except for Garcia's singing tone, plus other voice effects, the live tracks has acceptable sound quality too, so, there's no much to say, it's Kyuss man..

The first CD has the following songs on it:
1. Demon Cleaner
2. Day One
3. El Rodeo (pre-Circus)
4. Hurricane (pre-Circus)

The second CD has these songs on it:
1. Demon Cleaner (yeah, again, but I left out from the file, it’s the same in CD1)
2. Gardenia (live)
3. Thumb (live)
4. Conan Troutman (live)
The live tracks were recorded at Marquee club, Hamburg (Germany).


Big Jack said...

This is a great post. Alternate versions to the LP release, plus live Kyuss. Mighty Matias scores another hit. I need to step my game up, haha!

Anonymous said...

What more has to be say,
let the music do the talking.....beyond everyone's reach


Diego said...

muchas muchas gracias :p

Anonymous said...

gul durn it! The link is dead.

kyussman said...

Can you upload the split between Queens and Kyuss?