Tuesday, September 25, 2007


For those who love Nebula like the author does, we offer you to pay a listen to this magnificent band, don't know if they are also a trio or a foursome, anyway, direct Marshal amp overdriven tones, Wha, phaser and psycho all in one album, very good musicians and songs. I know they have other release, which I'll try to get it, anyway highly recommended for those who are looking for expanding their minds.

Keep rocking!

1. 1960 Starchief
2. Blue-White Supergiant
3. Saturn Missle Battery
4. Pervert
5. .865 (The Battle for Longitude)
6. Ring of the Acid Pope
7. Devils of the Fall
8. Floor Girl
9. When Sirius Rises
10. Thread
11. Kill the Condors
12. Another Dying Admiral



mr.A said...

Thank you so much dude this absolutly awsome!!!!


Big Jack said...

Oh yeah, this is quality. There's definitely some weird shit going on here, but it's all fuckin' awesome.

Anonymous said...

Red Giant - Devil Child Blues
I've got it on cd..I'll try to send it to you..

Ruben said...

If I would know an adress to send it to : )


Matias said...

yeah, Devil Child Blues, i found it on Soulseek, anyway, Thanks Ruben or Roadburner or whathever you want to call yourself! stay around

Anonymous said...

this is chris the drummer for Red Giant...thanks for listening and all the nice comments...keep on rockin

Bonsai Garage said...

Hey can you guys Re-Up this? Links down
thanks for the Rawk