Thursday, September 13, 2007


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Thought you guys might appreciate this '87 soundboard of the mighty MELVINS. The recording is quality, if a bit brief (it cuts off going into "Heaviness of the Load"), and highly recommended to fans of the band's early style. I love just about everything King Buzzo and company record. If it wasn't for CLUTCH, the mighty MELVINS would be the world's greatest hard rock band. Here's a great glimpse of how it all started.

1. Let God Be Your Gardener
2. Echohead/Piece Me
3. Vile
4. Dead Dressed
5. Your Blessened
6. Ever Since My Accident
7. Heaviness of the Load (cuts off)



slik said...

Another great one. Never heard a live one this early. Thanks a ton for this rarity.

Lo-Res Viscera said...

Thanks, great stuff!
I dig your blog for sure ;)

Anonymous said...

please post more live MELVINS!!!

Anonymous said...

The Melvins Wiki makes a good point: since Buzz introduces Lori Black (who joined the band around 1988) and mentions Mills Peninsula Hospital (located in Burlingame, California, near San Mateo) at the beginning of this show, it probably wasn't actually recorded in Washington D.C. in 1987. Matt Lukin would still have been on bass.

That aside, thanks for posting this. Still rockin'!

Anonymous said...

Wow... over 20 years old. It's gonna be an interesting thing to listen to. Thanks!