Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I won't say much about them, they from Iceland, they play a Tipically Northen Europe stoner rock, sometimes similar to Truckfighters, Low Rider, this is their second release, nothing really new, but, man, a band from Iceland! This only totally make it worth it.
Don't fell very chaty today...
1. One Blow
2. Return Of the Lovechopper Of Destiny
3. Rocket Fuel
4. Free Lovin' Temptress
5. Love Mutha
6. Dust Volver
7. Johnny Babas
8. El Duderino
9. Iron Fist
10. The Journey Is the Destination
11. Womble Dust
12. Taste the Flower
13. Jacuzzi Suzy



Anonymous said...

thanx a lot, i'll see them live next week with dozer

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dude!!
Your're blog is amazing!!!!
Just one question: Can you reupload Cruel & delicious? The link to this Fatso and Jetson album is dead...!
Thanks and good night!


Big Jack said...

Try C&D again, Kakrok. Should be good to go.

Anonymous said...

Hey BJ & Matias,

soon I will upload some stuff for you gyus, namely;
Butcher & Perfect Rat,

Stay Tuned

Matias said...

Ron, If you upload some Perfect Rat, I'll marry you!!ha ha no, just kidding, thanks man for your help

Big Jack said...


Sounds good, man! I've been looking hard for that Butcher. Thanks!

Fuzzbox said...

;) yeah, saw the bros yesterday!

check out my blog if you need more albums ...

stay tuned & keep up the good work!