Sunday, July 08, 2007


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Big thanks to Jordan for letting me know the old link on this one was bad.

This is a great tribute! I admit, it took some time for a few of the covers to grow on me, but over time I came to respect the effort of every band featured on this CD. If you don't think the idea of 16 Argentinean bands covering KYUSS classics sounds like a good one, I understand your skepticism, but I also know you'll probably change your mind about 20 seconds into CYGNUS' rendition of "Thumb". Highlights? Definitely CRUZDIABLO's merging of "100 Degrees" and "Whitewater", as well as SAURON's "Phototropic". SENDERO LUMINOSO's acoustic slant on "Love Has Passed Me By" is very interesting. Of course, another highlight is the extensive liner notes, penned by the one and only Scott Reeder, but in order to read those you'll need to order your own copy at

Before I gush any further, I'll just say that if you enjoy tribute albums, I think this is exactly the tribute album for the G.O.M.E. faithful. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the "comments" section and let us know.

1. CYGNUS - Thumb
2. AVERNAL - Green Machine
3. MELISSA - One Inch Man
4. SENDERO LUMINOSO - Love Has Passed Me By
5. TAURA - Writhe
6. LOS NATAS - Allen's Wrench
7. BUFFALO - Odyssey
8. CRUZDIABLO - 100 Degrees/Whitewater
9. SUPEREXTRA - Space Cadet
10. SAURON - Phototropic
11. SICK PORKY - Demon Cleaner
12. SEREEN - Supa Scoopa & Mighty Scoop
13. SUNFERNO - Gardenia
14. POSEIDOTICA - Asteroid
15. REGULAR XON - El Rodeo
16. GALLO DE RINA - Spaceship Landing



Reverend Atman said...

any cover of Demon Cleaner is alright by me.

jordan adams said...

thank you so so much for uploading this.

i especially dig the versions of writhe, 100 degrees/whitewater and the almost CREAM-ish space cadet.

mr.A said...

Thank you very much for this one dude!!! Both Los Natas and Buffalo are awsome on this one!

Matias said...

Stoner rock and fuck up everything is what argentineans do best. Proud of this record, some of them are friend of mine, and are fucking pleased for your encouraging words, though only 3 or 4 of these bands survives today.
Regards from the south.
Man, I got what you asked me for..

Rafael.BDD said...

Buffalo with Odyssey is great! :D

Anonymous said...

man, i got so excited looking over the track list (a kyuss reunion not exactly looming on the horizon, this looked like it would make my day) for this one is dead. any chance you can re-up? would be stellar!

Big Jack said...

Sorry about that. The link should be good now.

Anonymous said...

got it, thx for reupping! hope you and everyone visiting GOME has a stellar weekend.

Anonymous said...

Dead again.