Friday, July 20, 2007


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Our main man Peluka requested this one, so G.O.M.E. had to deliver. I'm willing to wager that just about anyone who stumbles across G.O.M.E. is familiar with Chris Goss and MASTERS OF REALITY, though this most recent release is increasingly hard to find, and often carries a hefty price tag. This album threw many fans for the proverbial loop upon its release. While Goss has never hid his BEATLES influence, he's always balanced it out with some crunchy SAB-style riffing. Well, Give Us Barabbas is more Lennon than Iommi. Goss even pays tribute to his late hero with a cover of Lennon's bluesy "It's So Hard". These songs weren't intended to be a cohesive album (most of these songs are simply unreleased tracks recorded over a period of years), yet it works exactly as such. Listen for Scott Weiland's vocals on "Jindalee, Jindalie", as well as some special guest drumming by former MASTERS member Ginger Baker.

1. The Ballad of Jody Frosty
2. Voice and the Vision
3. I Walk Beside Your Love
4. Bela Alef Rose
5. Brown House on the Green Road
6. Hey Diana
7. Still on the Hill
8. The Desert Song
9. Off to Tiki Ti
10. It's So Hard
11. Jindalee, Jindalie
12. Don't Get Caught by the Huntsman's Bow



Peluka said...

Gracias. Buenisimo.

Rinjo Njori said...

Big Jack-- been waiting for this for a long time despite it's soft reputation.

Also, Definitely looking forward to a Slave to Shuffle submission from you. I have a ton of requests, but it's better to be suprised. You can send the info and mp3's to

Matias said...

Man, the other day I remembered this post I was among some girls, grab my acoustic guitar and started playing "Bela Alef Rose", 20 minutes later I got laid.
Man, this fucking works

slik said...

Great post. Love the Lennon cover. Thanks,

dr carruthers said...

Damn, today's not my day. It's the second thing I want to download and the link's down... ):

Ron said...

good work, could you re up it pleaaaaaase