Friday, July 20, 2007


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Looking over the ol' blarg, I noticed the glaring absence of one of my favorite bands - ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY. River City Revival is yet another Man's Ruin casualty, and a great one at that. ATP's revolving door of lead singers has certainly cost them a potential following, and they were still honing their craft at this point, but it's an excellent dose of high-powered rock & roll. "Dryspell" and "Giving up on Living" are absolutely kickass, and well worth the price of admission (or download time) on their own. To the uninitiated, ATP isn't exactly "stoner rock". This is WHISKEY ROCK. Corn whiskey if you can find it.

1. Dryspell
2. Spineless
3. Heathen
4. Mosquito
5. Giving up on Living
6. Own Worst Enemy
7. Rockin' Is Ma Business



Rafael.BDD said...

Jack Daniel's way of life...
Thanks! ;)

Anonymous said...

This is great, do you happen to have the staring at the divine album as well?

Peluka said...

Me volo el marulo. ¿Hay mas de estos ñatos?.

Peluka said...

A few weeks ago, listen in MyPod player one song of fireball ministry, and download one album posted here, in G.O.M.E. A very good album, but that song is not there. Can you post another album of Fireball ministry?
Estoy muy pedigüeño?
As you can see, i can post in english too, but me da fiaca.

Big Jack said...


Yeah, the one you downloaded was Fireball Ministry's first album. They've improved a lot since that one. I'll post some more of their stuff.


Staring at the Divine is a Man's Ruin classic (one of the last Man's Ruin releases as well) and my second-favorite ATP release. I'd be happy to post it for you.