Friday, July 20, 2007


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Yet another Man's Ruin casualty, Our Darling has the stark historical distinction of being the last album released by the legendary label. If you liked Civil War Fantasy, then you'll probably dig this one...though Dale Crover's southern-fried boogie obsession is toned down a touch in lieu of more MELVINS-esque experimentation. This also marks the emergence of Dale on guitar. He'd already proven his songwriting skills ("Hurter", anyone?), but on Our Darling, he's actually a functional guitarist, providing decent leads and tons of Buzzo-style texture. It goes without saying that as far as guitarists go, Crover is no J Mascis (ironically also a drummer). But he has the gift of writing semi-accessible and memorable riffs, and building great songs around them. Six years later, we still mourn the demise of the legendary Man's Ruin, but at least they went out on a high note.

1. Saint of All Killers
2. Short Eyes
3. Our Darling
4. Pirate Love
5. Chicken Lover
6. Dead Car
7. Swami
8. Peace Creep
9. Stripey Hole
10. Young Man Blues



Big Jack said...

No one is commenting on this one so I will:

If you don't dig Altamont, and this album in particular, you're a fuckin' pussy.


Big Jack

Matias said...

drummers can make serious shit when they grab a guitar, this is the case.
Pretty dam good

Anonymous said...

where can i download this album,link is broke ???