Thursday, July 19, 2007


Attention, attention, this is your commander Matias taking control aircraft, (course: unknown) till our good captain Big Jack is back on duty , due to...let’s call it "Highatus"..
For your guidance I don’t have too many flight hours, so we may experience some turbulence during this trip, but to override it we offer you a the brand new Taura’s release, yeah another Argentinean (stoner?) rock band, you ‘d probably heard them on Kyuss tribute.
This time they offer a very tight and polished outcome (too tight to my taste) but you may appreciate some good old overdriven riff combined with ecliptics drum bases.
Nothing very special, but the Man has requested it, so…..
Note to our passengers: If this doesn’t suit your taste, we have some Chevy Chase movies to keep you quiet…
Thanks for flying with us
Stay tunned this weekend, there will be a lot to check
The G.O.M.E. staff

1- Miramar
2- Correcaminos
3- Acantilada
4- Il vulcano
5- Soportar
6- Halo de luz
7- Jenizaro
8- Aconcagua
9- Mi refugio
10- Cualquier día
11- Mil silencios
12- Bajamar
13- Muelle
14- Pleamar


Note to my Argentinean buddies, this blog was/is/and will be written in English, so there you have a more than valid excuse to study some English, we not only provide you good music, we care about your future….


Big Jack said...


Kickass post. I just noticed that another of our brothers from the Argentina chapter of the G.O.M.E. faithful posted this in a comments section. I apologize for missing it.

Excellent first post, Matias. I see what you mean about not digging the production, but the riffs kick ass and the vocals are strong. It's not quite what I expected (I expected lots of extended jams while these songs are all very short and tight), but I dig it.

Big Jack said...

By the way, that should be the new G.O.M.E. slogan:


Matias said...

thanks man, I don't deserve that kind of compliments, I'm just keeping level.
Let's see how this works.