Sunday, July 15, 2007


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Straight out of Örebro, here's yet another excellent Swedish stoner rock release. Fans of both KYUSS and ASTROSONIQ will find a lot to appreciate here. Mellower moments like "Momentum" and "Altered State" offer a much-needed reprieve from the post-desert sledge-riffing prevalent throughout the rest of the album. "Manhattan Project", for my money, is one of the best tracks of the entire genre. Overall, Gravity X is a great rock album from a band that probably should've garnered more stateside attention. Recommended.

1. Desert Cruiser
2. Gargarismo
3. Momentum
4. Freewheelin'
5. The Deal
6. Superfunk
7. Subfloor
8. Gweedo-Weedo
9. Manhattan Project
10. In Search Of (The)
11. Intermission
12. A. Zapruder
13. Altered State



jordan adams said...

digging this album a lot, plus truckfighters is such a cool name.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the site, but Unfortunately all the rars I try to download these days are corrupt, they download to the end then say they are no good.

Peluka said...

"El universo perdido de los natas - Los Natas (2007)"


01 - Amame Petiribi (spinetta)
02 - Barridos por el Viento
03 - El collar del perro
04 - Born to be wild (stephenwolf)
05 - Sequenze e frequenze (franco battiato)
06 - Allen's wrench (kyuss)
07 - Paranoid (black sabbath)

CD 1:


01 - Bodokentorten
02 - Corriendo en la montaña
03 - Tiempos violentos
04 - Highway sun
05 - Division miami
06 - El convoy
07 - Xanadu
08 - El pappo
09 - Remember ... (aerosmith)
10 - Ride with me (blue cheer)

CD 2:


Matias said...

peluka taringuero, lo iva a subir a mediafire y pasarselo a BigJack, ya lo voy a postear...
Big Jack, Im ready when you are....

Anonymous said...

I saw these guys playing live...
They are f*cking awesome!!!!


Big Jack said...

Jordan & Anonymous-- These guys rock, don't they? Plus they offer a lot of variety, which is what I like. Glad you guys are diggin' it.