Thursday, May 17, 2007


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Since someone had the good taste to request the mighty ALTAMONT, I thought I'd post their debut. In time I'll post the others, but this is a great place to start. It's also my personal favorite. While Dale Crover is best known for his day job (MELVINS drummer), he proves himself as a more than capable riffmaster here. Of course, spending years playing drums behind King Buzzo, not to mention being married to ACID KING's Lori S., would make it seem like second nature. Overall, Civil War Fantasy (yet another Man's Ruin casualty) is a great record, and I recommend it to all G.O.M.E. regs. If you're unfamiliar, imagine the MELVINS slowed down with a more southern rock/stoner influence. That's ALTAMONT. Enjoy.

1. Civil War Fantasy
2. Ezy Rider
3. Bitch Slap
4. Whips
5. My One Sin
6. Makers Mark
7. Black Tooth Powder
8. Up River
9. Down Wind
10. Smoke



Anonymous said...

yo, it got 404'd. ERROR!!!!

Big Jack said...

It's fixed now. MediaFire is fuckin' up BIGTIME. Try the new link.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you. I discovered your site a few days ago and have discovered some awesome stuff that I will purchase when I come across them - and this is my first post! I know, bad bad bad. Thanks for your thoughtful posts and sharing of some great music.

Rinjo Njori said...

Yo! Big jack. You interested in Subnmitting a playlist to Slave to Shuffle (

Check it and let me know-- Rinjo!

Big Jack said...


Cool blog, man! I dig the concept. Yeah, I'd definitely be interested in submitting something. Let me know what you need and where to send it. You can hit me up at

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