Wednesday, July 18, 2007


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G.O.M.E. faithful, please join me in welcoming the newest addition to the staff - straight out of Argentina, our main man MATIAS!

Regular visitors are already well aware of Matias's contributions to G.O.M.E., and his rock & roll credentials speak for themselves. He's hooked us up with the NATAS, SANTORO, DRAGONAUTA, and hopefully soon (nudge, nudge), TAURA.

Matias will be making occasional contributions to the ol' blarg, and filling in during my (admittedly too frequent) HIGHatuses (© The Good Cap'n). You guys are really gonna enjoy his contributions, and please make sure you let him know that in the comments sections of his posts.
As far as language goes, it's entirely up to Matias. He's more than welcome to post in his native tongue if he so chooses. In fact, some days, more people access G.O.M.E. from Argentina than the US and UK combined. Based on the stats of the site, I think a lot of regulars would appreciate some posts en español.

So please welcome Matias (the self-proclaimed "fucking Argentinean") as the new co-author of G.O.M.E. I told you guys we would be back bigger and better, and this is a huge step in that direction.

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Peluka said...

Deje los links de "El universo perdido de los natas" en otro comentario. A postear!! y en español canejo!!!