Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Now, this is a propper G.O.M.E. post, Iike you G.O.M.E.s faithfull are used to.
I did some research, and indeed, they are swedish.
Great guitar sound, very quiet from times to times, but definetively deserves your attention.
One more thing, I will reward with money to the one who can tell me how the fuck set my amp to get that cool reverb/chorus sound. $$$

1Matador 5:30
2Larrivee 4:26
3Big Head 2:42
4Seeds in Rocky Places 4:23
5Railroad Rider 5:06
6As Say the Pilgrims, So Say I 7:01
7Bride of Flawless 2:21


Big Jack said...

Yeah, this one definitely rocks. These guys are clearly fans of the latter Fatso Jetson stuff...and it might be just as good. The opener, "Matador", actually strikes me as more of a QOTSA influenced song, but again, the spacier stuff reminds me of FJ. This band still has a sound all its own, but the desert influence is prevalent throughout.

This album is really well-produced. The melodies are right out front, but they never lose the low-end groove. Awesome album.

By the way, regarding your amp, Matias-- I can probably help you out...and I don't need money!

Anonymous said...

killer album

David said...

You guys have no idea. These guys are like the best band ever in Stoner Rock. Fuck Off if you don't know that. I own every cd they ever released they shit all over 99.99% of the garbage put out by stoner bands.