Sunday, July 08, 2007


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Probably a bit of both, I regret to note. Don't give up on G.O.M.E., though. The blarg will be back in no time, both bigger and better. I've done my best to sneak in an album or two here and there, but I do apologize for the dry spell.

Thanks to all you guys who have contributed links. I'll get them all posted on the main page very soon. To the rest of you, make sure you're checking the comments sections. The G.O.M.E. faithful has been sharing a lot of excellent rock, and sharing some qualified insight as well.

BAD LINKS -- For the time being, please let me know if you find any dead links on the page so I can re-up. I say "for the time being" because in a few weeks I'm going to purge my MediaFire account. MediaFire is offering some new organizational features, and I'll need to do some serious cleaning in order to fully take advantage. I will be re-upping the most downloaded files and putting the new links in the original posts. I'll also be sending out a mass email with plenty of advance notice, and literally hundreds of links, before the purge. I share a lot of other music with my friends, and I contribute to a lot of other forums, so this email will include a great deal of stuff not posted here at G.O.M.E. I'll post advance notice here, but if you want on the mailing list, feel free to hit me up at

REQUESTS -- Keep 'em comin'! I know I'm behind, but please consider all of your requests pending. I'll up soon, and I really enjoy the requests.

NEW BLOOD -- Because I do tend to disappear from time to time (though never for very long), I've enlisted some new blood to co-author G.O.M.E. with me. I'll post an announcement when we get him signed up and ready to go. I can already tell you, though, that the addition of this co-author will greatly enhance G.O.M.E. You guys will really dig his contributions.

Stay tuned.

Big Jack


Reverend Atman said...

as a noob to your site I gotta say that I'm lookin forward to future posts here.

Also gotta say that I've been rather jazzed to see that some of the stuff you've posted I ALREADY HAD!! Bwaha, dig me. Yeah, I'm a hipster.

Keep up the good work my brother.

slik said...

Thanks for for some great music I didnt have and might not have come across if I hadnt stumbled upon your blog. I like your choice of music, and look forward to more of the same. Peace.

Rafael.BDD said...

Hi there... Thank you for your blog, and, as I would like to contribute withs some material, if you need something to be uploaded or to be found, just mail me:

I'll try to help.

Thanks! ;)

p.s.: btw, I'm Brazilian.

Anonymous said...

Big up to Big Jack for all the awesome posts!! I've especially enjoyed the high quality live rarities. I was wondering if you had any studio or other recordings of Spaceship Landing?

jordan adams said...

never seen you post any Karma to Burn.

are they not rare enough or is it just not a band you dig? I have one of their albums and I can put it up on mediafire if you'd like.

HooK said...

i just love your blog!

i've placed a link for GOME on mine,check it out,and if you like it do the same,ok?

greetings from Brazil

Big Jack said...

Rev. Atman & Slik -- Thanks for the props, guys. Things have been a little slow lately, but G.O.M.E. will be back at full-strength very soon. Keep checking back!

Rafael -- Thanks for your offer! I will definitely hit you up with some requests. Any contributions are welcome. I'mm still catching up on some recent contributions, but look for me to request your help soon!

Anonymous -- Spaceship Landing? I'm sure that can be arranged.

Jordan -- I do dig Karma to Burn. I think they'd be a good fit here at G.O.M.E. Feel free to up the one you have and I'll post it on the main page. Great suggestion, man, and much appreciated.

Hook -- I dig your HOOK FILES as well. Consider yourself linked!

Reverend Atman said...

here's a suggestion for a future post..

son's of kyuss

or anything early by them.

later gator.

Jordan Adams said...

Karma to Burn - Almost Heathen (2001 Spitfire Records)

Big Jack said...

Rev -- Check back to the older posts for Sons of Kyuss.
The link is still good.

Jordan -- Thanks for the Karma to Burn. I'll definitely check it out and post it on the main page.

Reverend Atman said...

oh crap. thanks, Big Jack. That's probably what I get for not browsing you blog.

I know a bunch of peeps who are looking for that.