Sunday, July 29, 2007

MONSTER MAGNET - TAB...25 (1991)

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Easily the most bizarre, and consequently least "accessible" release in the mighty MONSTER MAGNET's discography, Tab...25 is also one of the most interesting. Open-minded students of rock will hear elements of not only HAWKWIND and SABBATH, but also a distinct BUTTHOLE SURFERS psychedelic influence. The title track alone went on to inspire bands across the globe, from ASTROSONIQ to UFOMAMMUT, and even the great KYUSS (back in '91, MM sounded more like KYUSS than KYUSS did!). Listen in an open and elevated state of mind, and you're in for a rock & roll experience like no other.

1. Tab...
2. 25
3. Long Hair
4. Lord 13



slik said...

I like some of Monster Magnet, but don't consider myself a big fan. My favorite album being "Spine of God". Till now! Glad I went out to the shed and elevated my state of mind before crankin that mutha up! Very cool! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

i haven't seen one of the greatest swedish bands one g.o.m.e. yet: DOZER!!!

Matias said...

man, too much phaser for me

Anonymous said...

Hey, can I request a posting of Dopes?
My CD is scratched to shit, and I want to move it to my mp3 player.

Much appreciated if you can.

mad4music said...

Wow... this album's a trip, alright. I dug it! I hadn't heard this disc before. I felt intimidated by a 32-minute opening track, so I listened to the album in reverse order and that eased the listening experience somewhat.

There's some definite B.Hole Surfers influence on the title track. It reminds me of the time I dropped a tab at a Surfers show back in '86... ;-)

Big Jack said...

Cap'N-- You're a Surfers fan from the old school?!?!? Live in '86? That's too fuckin' cool, man. The Surfers are one of my all time favorites. I've often pondered whether or not they belong on G.O.M.E.! Long story short (told in a later post, much to the G.O.M.E. meathead contingent's chagrin) my 7th grade art teacher turned me on to the Surfers. I was in my "punk phase", always talking about Bad Brains and Dead Kennedys. My teacher brought me two tapes - One tape had the Surfers' "Brown Reason to Live" and PCP EP, and the other was Flipper's "Public Flipper Ltd." live album. I'm not sure I'm a better or worse man for it!


jordan adams said...

art teachers do good work for humanity.

Anonymous said...

lots of people tell me this is a cult album, and i really like mm & dave wyndorf but this 30something behemoth of a track just leads to nowhere , even the demo tapes are more enjoyable. better to put on an early hawkwind album than this. timo