Monday, March 12, 2007


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Here's a special treat for the G.O.M.E. least those unfamiliar with PAGAN ALTAR. This is a fantastic offering of SABBATH-inspired rock, and don't let the copyright date fool you. This band received absolutely ZERO mainstream attention in the '80s. Give the eponymous opening track about 30 seconnds and it becomes quite clear: This ain't KIX, and it sure the hell ain't DEVO. The true highlight of the album, at least for me, is the closer, "Reincarnation". The whole LP kicks ass, though. Rather than run off a string of superlatives, I'll simply say HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, DOWNLOAD IMMEDIATELY, and leave it at that.

1. Pagan Altar
2. In the Wake of Armadeous
3. Judgement of the Dead
4. The Black Mass
5. Night Rider
6. Acoustics
7. Reincarnation


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