Wednesday, April 18, 2007


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WITCHFINDER GENERAL was an overlooked band during their (brief) tenure, but interest has increased over the years (thanks to the abundance of SABBATH worshippers in rock). Death Penalty is a solid album. It reminds me of BUFFALO, in a sense, as the band clearly didn't take itself particularly seriously. At least I hope they didn't. The musicians are more than capable, and the band is tight. I particularly like their eponymous tune, as well as the absurd opener "Invisible Hate". SAB knockoff? Absolutely. But they did it quite well, and with a twist of humor. Good stuff.

1. Invisible Hate
2. Free Country
3. Death Penalty
4. No Stayer
5. Witchfinder General
6. Burning a Sinner
7. R.I.P.



Anonymous said...

Hey man, what about Los Natas? I ve found nothing of them here...
You don't know them? well, within this week I'll be passing you some links of they entire discography.
Great blog man, I will contribute when ever I can.
Regrds, from Argentina

Big Jack said...

Yeah, I dig Natas. I'm actually planning to post their Man's Ruin releases (first two records, I believe). Feel free to contribute anytime, man. Any help would be appreciated. Glad to dig the blog.

Matias said...

All right dude, i uploaded their last album on
i own you the cover and track list, let me know if you find trouble finding the other ones, i'll upload them.
Adios amigo

Big Jack said...

Thanks, Matias. I'll definitely check it out and post it.

Anonymous said...

cool album , and by getting it from gome you won`t even have to be ashamed of the cover.... by the way the movie the band got its name from is also worth watching (hammer horror with the unforgettable vincent price) timo - ps gome-visitors should also check out cathedral`s witchfinder general ep horror/disco/doomarama with lee dorrians hordes!