Sunday, April 15, 2007


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As you can see, I finally got ahold of Slow Horse II. Why not pass it on to the G.O.M.E. faithful? If you enjoyed the debut, I highly recommend this one. I don't know what happened to these guys, and I wish I did, because I really dig both albums. The opener, "I'm Nothing, I'm No One" might be SLOW HORSE's crowning achievement - a melodic slow-burner with excellent vocals. My other favorite is "Let It Slide", which wouldn't sound at all out of place on an OBSESSED record. Yes, SLOW HORSE is (was) that good. You can check out "Let It Slide" on the elePod. The sequencing is a little odd, as the band does its ass-kicking during the first half of the LP, while the second half is substantially more mellow. I actually dig that, though. The buildup through "Nameless" and "Untitled" is the perfect soundtrack for waiting for an altered state of consciousness to kick in. Straws on side A, syringes on side B. Overall, another excellent album from a tragically overlooked stoner/melodic doom powerhouse.

1. I'm Nothing, I'm No One
2. The Games You Play
3. Stay
4. Let It Slide
5. Coming Unhinged
6. Nameless
7. Untitled
8. The Last
9. No. 9



Anonymous said...

Incredible! i just discovered this band today off the 'doomed compilation' (track ~ What's the use?). Searching for more information on the band, i just so happened to stumble across this miasmic burgeoning of crippling DOOM. Thanks heaps! awesome site.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! This band is great, I fuckin love it.