Wednesday, April 18, 2007


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Another Man's Ruin casualty, this time from NOLA's own SUPLECS. This is actually one of the last albums released by the legendary Man's Ruin label. For those of you asking yourselves "Who the fuck is SUPLECS???", this merry band of stoner rockers hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. They don't get stuck in the SABBATH-esque rut with a lot of their contemporaries, though. The grinding riffs are there, but SUPLECS isn't afraid to speed things up. "Unstable" is clearly inspired by the MINUTEMEN, and the track includes a hidden cover of "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" by the BEATLES. The KYUSS-style rockers are definitely here, but there's also a trip through just about everything else. Highlights include the aforementioned "Unstable", "Blue Runner", and "Unexpected Trauma" (check for the great switcharoo).

1. White Devil
2. Rock Bottom
3. Control
4. Training Wheels
5. Blue Runner
6. Unstable
7. Lightning Lady
8. Out of Town
9. Unexpected Trauma


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