Saturday, April 14, 2007

500 FT. OF PIPE - DOPE DEAL (2001)

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Another relative obscurity, this time from the Motor City. 500 FT. OF PIPE is a very unique band, as they don't have a bass player. Don't let that scare you off, though. These guys rock. Hard. Frontman Ross Westerbur actually holds down the low end quite satisfactorily on a Minimoog. I can only compare 500FoP to what I imagine Detroit City's own MC5 might've sounded like had they arrived 30 years later by way of Palm Desert. There's really not a weak spot on the entire LP, though the highlight for me is the seven-minute warhorse "Wear It Out". Highly recommended to fans of GRAND MAGUS, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, and all that is both psychedelic and heavy.

1. Detroit City (Never Done Me No Good)
2. '77 Burnout
3. Not Your Mule
4. Dope Deal
5. 420 to Go
6. Big Brother
7. D.E.A.
8. Sunshine Superman
9. Wear It Out
10. We Blew the Whole Thing Up



misandope said...

I would love a reup :)
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Anonymous said...

please reupp!

alibabablacksheep said...

Friggin' great album!