Friday, March 02, 2007


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BUFFALO was a hard rock band from Sydney, Australia. Formed in 1970 and releasing their proper debut in 1972, they actually preceded better-known Australian bands like AC/DC and ROSE TATTOO (of which BUFFALO bassist Peter Wells was also a member). Their sophomore release, Volcanic Rock, is widely considered to be the band's crowning achievement. Eschewing a great deal of the juvenile silliness and rootin'-tootin' that would plague subsequent releases, Volcanic Rock relies primarily on sludgy riffs, extended jams, and a bizarre side-long suite based on Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. The album is actually very comparable to BLACK SABBATH. In fact, BUFFALO opened a tour for the mighty SABBATH, and by some accounts, blew them off the stage. Listen with an open mind and I assure you, you'll find this piece of history a rewarding addition to your collection.

Oh, and while I've said it before, it must be re-emphasized in regards to this album: IF IT'S TOO OLD, YOU'RE TOO LOUD!

1. Sunrise (Come My Way)
2. Freedom
3. Till My Death
4. The Prophet
5. Intro: Pound of Flesh
6. II: Shylock



Gavin said...

I already have this but re-downloaded it as the copy i have is shite quality, This is definatly the best album they produced, I love the extended jams and killer riffs. Some of the lyrics are quite funny too.

Shylock being a good example, ( "your sisters gone and left you and she's married to a tramp, your mothers still in jail and your fathers turning camp")

Get Off My Elevator said...

Haha, yeah, this one's a pretty good balance of the jams and the humor. I think the silliness got a little out of hand on the follow-up. I'll post it eventually.

Mike said...

That's the truth about them blowing Sabbath off the stage.
Take a listen and hear how Iommi ripped off the riff in Shylock for Symptom Of The Universe.

Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure what 'sophomore' is supposed to mean, but this was Buffalo's SECOND album. The first was called Dead Forever.

Alvaro Barrios said...

Any of you guys have the Shylock lyrics?

Alvaro Barrios said...

Very appreciated if you can forward to me thanks