Sunday, April 15, 2007


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Since my brief "highatus" (© mad4music 2007), I feel I've posted a shitload of excellent rock & roll, but I've definitely neglected G.O.M.E.'s doom contingent. In order to start catching up, I offer you KHANATE, performing live in WFMU studios. For the uninitiated, KHANATE consists of Stephen O'Malley (of SUNN O))) fame, as well as BURNING WITCH and THORR'S HAMMER), Alan Dubin and James Plotkin (of OLD), and drummer Tim Wyskida. This is gut-wrenching doom at its absolute most abrasive, and is not for amateurs. KHANATE's music is a mollasses-slow trip through anguish, guilt, and depression. Highly recommended to Blue Valley Bubba, as well as fans of GRIEF, SOURVEIN, and of course BURNING WITCH.

1. Intro
2. Pieces of Quiet
3. German Dental Work
4. No Joy
5. Skin Coat


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