Tuesday, April 17, 2007


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Another batch of excellent ACRIMONY jams, this time backed by a collection of CHURCH OF MISERY odds n' ends. In my opinion, the split doesn't make much sense, and it's obviously a patch-job, and simply a way of releasing ACRIMONY's "last five tracks". Still, the music is quality.

The ACRIMONY side is comprised of the last five tracks the band recorded, culled from their 1999 demos. I'm sure you'll all agree when I say that based on these recordings, a full-length 1999 LP could've been another classic. "100 New Gods" is among ACRIMONY's absolute best tracks.

The CHURCH OF MISERY side is comprised of random recordings from 1996. What does a Japanese doom metal band with a serial killer obsession have in common with a legendary Welsh stoner rock outfit? Absolutely nothing, which makes this split release a little bipolar. G.O.M.E. is a little bipolar as well, though, so this set should fit right in.


1. Tumuli
2. Satellite 19
3. In Other Wor(l)ds
4. 100 New Gods
5. Timebomb!!!


6. Race with the Devil
7. Chilly Grave
8. Cloud Bed
9. Kingdom Scum


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