Friday, March 02, 2007


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My bum is on the Swedish! ©Tom Green

Sorry 'bout that. I'm not sorry for sharing yet another stoner classic from Sweden, though. This time it's the debut of GRAND MAGUS. If you're not familiar, prepare to be blown away. I'd put Grand Magus up there with Tumuli Shroomaroom and The Great Divide as one of the GREAT post-KYUSS albums in the genre. If I had to compare GRAND MAGUS to any current band, it would be the great FIREBALL MINISTRY. Both bands specialize in slow, melodic, pummelling rock n' roll. They are also both known for excellent vocals, though GM's Janne probably has a bit more of a Chris Cornell bug than the aforementioned FM's James Rota. Synopsis: GRAND MAGUS' debut is packed to the rafters with memorable grooves and hooks, HUGE riffs, and soulful vocals. An all-too-overlooked contribution to the rock n' roll cannon.

1. Gauntlet
2. Legion
3. Never Learned
4. Black Hound of Vengeance
5. Coat of Arms
6. Generator
7. Wheel of Time
8. Lodbrok
9. Black Hole
10. Mountain of Power


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