Friday, March 09, 2007


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I'm posting this EP primarily for the benefit of the good Captain, of Inner-Head Flight Royale fame, but I recommend it to everyone else as well. While DAREDEVIL didn't take as many chances musically on this EP, I feel like it holds up to Big Block Rock quite favorably. It rocks a touch harder, and the hooks here are stronger and more memorable. EPs are interesting projects, as there is no room for error/filler. Backed into a corner, I would probably say that Big Block Rock seems to be more popular, but I personally prefer 3rd Degree Burnout. "Geezer" is easily my favorite DAREDEVIL tune.

1. All Fucked Up
2. Circle Work
3. Jesse Custer
4. Geezer
5. Go!
6. Concrete



mad4music said...

Much obliged for the second helping of Daredevil! It's a pretty solid set and kicks off nicely with "All Fucked Up."

"Go!" and "Concrete" were my two other faves.

If only I could play it loud enough to blast away these prison... er, I mean cubicle... walls!

Fabio Balaguer said...

Man, I've been looking for ages for the lyrics of Jesse Custer, I can't find it anywhere on the web. If anyone can help me out, please email me