Sunday, March 04, 2007


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Here's some more of the great SAINT VITUS. Die Healing seems to polarize VITUS fans to this day, nearly 13 years after its release. I personally blame (the previously posted) C.O.D. Once Wino re-formed THE OBSESSED, the mighty VITUS was left in limbo, and I think C.O.D. alienated a lot of fans. The band did the logical thing, took some time off, and brought back original vocalist Scott Reagers. Still, I don't think a large part of the old fanbase was interested in hearing VITUS or Reagers in '95 after the C.O.D. debacle. Fickle fans aside, Die Healing is actually a hell of an album, and a true return to form for SAINT VITUS. Unfortunately, it would prove to be the band's swan song.

1. Dark World
2. One Mind
3. Let the End Begin
4. Trail of Pestilence
5. Sloth
6. Return of the Zombie
7. In the Asylum
8. Just Another Notch



Anonymous said...

saint vitus kicks way too much ass.. thanks for the post

Anonymous said...

the final album and in my opinion the greatest in a long line of classics - timo

Romulus said...

Hi man!
Please, repost the album in rapidshare!