Tuesday, March 06, 2007


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Is it possible that I'm the only diehard WINO fan that's a bit disappointed with The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote? Not that there's anything particularly WRONG with the album...I think I just set my expectations a little high. It opens and closes strong, but I don't find much to remember in the middle. Maybe it'll grow on me. I'd be interested in the G.O.M.E. faithful's thoughts.

Anyway, for all the other Wino fans out there, I present to you the eponymous 1990 release of THE OBSESSED. This record is long out of print. This particular version is a reissue which is also out of print. The reissue includes a 10-track live performance from 1984. Personally, I don't consider the live tracks essential. If you're a fan of Wino and THE OBSESSED, you've heard much better performances. Still, it's very raw, and some people seem to really dig it. Plus, I don't like the idea of someone tracking this down, just for the live tracks, and getting torched by some eBay bloodsucker for an outrageous sum of money. Enjoy.

(Original LP)

1. Tombstone Highway
2. The Way She Fly
3. Forever Midnight
4. Ground Out
5. Fear Child
6. Freedom
7. Red Disaster
8. Inner Turmoil
9. River of Soul

(Live Performance)

10. No Message
11. Neatz Brigade
12. Concrete Cancer
13. Mental Kingdom
14. Feelingz
15. A World Apart
16. Free
17. Bling Lightning
18. Indestroy
19. Kill Ugly Naked



Bad_Christian said...

thanks for putting this up there. I know I couldn't afford to buy the album. keep on keepin' on Wino...

Anonymous said...

Thanks ALOT!!! I am OBSESSED with this album