Monday, January 07, 2008


Hello again, and HAPPY NEW YEAR from G.O.M.E. Hope you all enjoy the first show of 2008. I'm gonna do my best this year to keep up with the whole "every Monday" promise, but please remember who you're dealing with here. I'm also gonna do my absolute best to keep records up for you guys to check out. If we start slackin', let us know!

Check out this week's show for a new LEAF HOUND song as well as music from BLACKLIGHT BARBARIAN, PORN, COMETS ON FIRE, and much more!

Also, check back later in the week for a special DOOM edition of Elevated Radio as requested by our favorite feline over at The Sludge Swamp.

'Til then, enjoy this week's show, and don't forget about the SESSIONS!



mad4music said...

ELEVATED RADIO #009 is off to an excellent start... the new Leaf Hound track is excellent... and this Blacklight Barbarian cut kicks ass!

You gotta post a photo of your grandma's Xmas gift!

Happy '08, Big Jack!

mad4music said...

Hey... What's this "bonus" track (after the Mayfield Cigarette commercial)? I like it!

Big Jack said...

Cap-- Glad you dig the show, man. The bonus you're asking about is "Cable", by Caustic Resin. Awesome band.

As for the Xmas gift, yeah, I'll post a pic of this bullshit. HAHA!

slik said...

Hey Jack! Great show. I've been enjoying all of them. Havent been around a lot lately, but thats gonna change in '08. Keep up the great work.

Iván said...

Great tune selection as usual. Keep 'em coming!

Cheeto said...

Hey, Big Jack, I will probably listen to this one tomorrow and hit you back with comments, but I'm sure it will rock like all your others. I've been pretty busy over at the Swamp, seeing my team does about 1% of the posting and I do 99%! And, I'll send you an e-mail on your tech questions, too. I am trying to get you a few tips down for your software.