Thursday, January 10, 2008


I wanted to post this long time ago, but I recently got the full album thanks to Dark_ero at (great Blog BTW) so here it is, this must be the first album that made me enter in the stoner/psych thing, a band from Spain that unfortunately doesn't exist anymore, but at least they left us great records, like this one for example, very alike to Natas's Delmar record, in fact, I think is even better. The opening track, couldn't have a proper name, is the essence of the album, very enjoyable, must check.

01 - Hypnotizer
02 - Aguaverde Freeland
03 - Walking The Tiger
04 - Sweets
05 - Rollergirl
06 - Walk From Regio's
07 - White Elevator Horses



slik said...

Sounds good! Thanks!

BlackHoleSon said...

Awesome, thank you. Is there any chance you also have the album they released after this, called "Red Led or Death"?

Cheeto said...

Here's some more, kiddo...

Mermaid - The Charlton Heston EP:

Mermaid - From Here To Nowhere:

Matias said...

You complete me Cheeto!

reverend atman said...

yet another good one. Sometimes the psych/space rock isn't as accessible as the stuff I normally dig, but this was really easy to get into.