Tuesday, January 22, 2008


You may say, well, another European band, but, what if I say "Chris Goss"? Right on, I don't know how this Islandian band came to C.G. ears, but he has done a pretty decent job here, so not just another band, can you picture a cross over between Nordic stoner rock and Master Of Reality?, well, here it is, a superb album. Check track # 3, I guess there is some "Josh Homme" there...
Looking forward to hear their brand new album releasing this week, on Friday I guess.
01 - Cosmic Biker R'n'R
02 - Sulphur Roast Stomp
03 - Crawling Out Of The Wreckage
04 - Wroom
05 - Sassy Zazie
06 - Smugglers
07 - Lucid
08 - Sugar & Cannabinoles
09 - Lightyears Ahead
10 - Catch Electrique
11 - On The Verge To Go


Cheeto said...

Hey, check out the Swamp in the next few days, I have some WE that's pretty hard to find getting ready to get posted......Thanx Matias for this post, as always!

Ignacio said...

Gracias Matías!!
Veré qué tal...

Matias said...

Ok feline friend, we will! (you mean the new one?)
You'r wellcome buddies

Ashe Draven said...

Hi, great blog, and great post. Just wanted to point out that they're Norwegian, not Icelandic. I'm from Norway, and we don't produce too many good stoner-bands so we gotta make sure we get credit for the ones we do have you know. Hehe ;-)

Ashe Draven

Magic Touch said...

I know we're all vikings to you guys, but yes they're from Norway for sure ...