Sunday, January 27, 2008


I was a big fan of MINDFUNK in the early '90s, and my main man Rinjo recently resparked my interest in the band. We both combed the net for People Who Fell from the Sky, MINDFUNK's impossible-to-find 1995 swan song, with Rinjo having the quicker hand. Speaking of Rinjo, I don't believe he thinks as highly of this album as the other two releases, but I'll go so far as to call it MINDFUNK's absolute best. By this point in the band's short career, the quirkiness of their eponymous debut had given way to industry bitterness, and, consequently, slower tempos and a more somber tone. At a glance, a few among the G.O.M.E. Faithful will be asking themselves "What the fuck is MINDFUNK doing here?", but trust me - three tracks in, you'll agree that People Who Fell from the Sky and G.O.M.E. are a perfect fit. Very psychedelic with lots of wah, coupled with ample doomsday goodness, this album is, in my humble opinion, a criminally overlooked and long-forgotten masterpiece.

1. Rift Valley Fever
2. Superchief*
3. Seasick*
4. Deep End
5. People Who Fell from the Sky*
6. Weird Water
7. Aluna*
8. 1000 Times
9. Kill the Messenger
10. Acrobats Falling*

* - chef's selections



X-Angel said...

You guys should have just asked me, I have all of Mindfunk on wax. As a matter of fact, any of that 90's grunge or rock I pretty much have all of. Just for future reference..

Big Jack said...

X-- I didn't know you were a Mindfunk fan! As for the '90s grunge and future reference, I might try to get some Whigs soundboards from you if you have any. Thanks, man!

slik said...

Another new one for me. Sounds great. Thanks.

Get It Now said...

WOW!!! I've got all from these guys but this one. Thanks!!!

anomiceleven said...

man - mindfunk came up on my ipod about two weeks ago and i was wondering 'i wonder if the guys on the elevator know about mindfunk - then, magically, here it is.. i agree man - this stuff is killer... not sure if i like "people who fell" or "dropped" better....

didn't download it - got the cd in a used shop in osaka japan for 100 yen - about a canadian dollar...

anyways.. glad you are reading my mind and sharing great tunes..

reverend atman said...

wow, not sure what I'd do without you guys posting all this groovy crap I haven't heard.

probably listen to Monster Magnet over and over.

Luis D. said...

Thank you so much, i was looking for this album by years, i got the first two albums on CD, and i'm still like the sound of the band, thanks again and congratulations for your blog :)

chmieleski said...


thank YOU!!!

does anyone here dig ministry also
their stuff with svitek is really cool!


Anonymous said...

Nice work!

For anyone that's interested, according to Pat D & Louis Svitek there's an album's worth of material which may see the light of day. As soon as there's any news it'll be posted on the Mindfunk myspace page I run...Cheers

sultanaboy said...

For those who genuinely cant find the first two albums, you can get em at my blog ;

Keep up the good work

JRodUK said...

Link is now broken. I have looked EVERYWHERE for this record as a Mindfunk fan from the past but have never been able to find my holy grail.

Anonymous said...

There are currently used copies of this at amazon if anyone is looking...