Sunday, January 27, 2008


Is everyone familiar with the flying saucer controversy in Stephenville, Texas? As the details unfold, I would not be at all surprised to learn that Mostro could be heard blasting from the bizarre craft's hi-fi rock system. MORKOBOT certainly sets the soundtrack for visiting other worlds, some beautiful, some not so much, on this limited release LP (500 hand-numbered copies). Mostro is truly a unique instrumental adventure, drawing equally from SABBATH, FLOYD, and HAWKWIND. Not the easiest listen in the world, but ultimately rewarding, I find Mostro to be a sign of great things to come for this Italian band. Highly recommended for all GOMIES watching for strange happenings in the night sky while enjoying an elevated state of mind.

1. Tobokrom
2. Zorgongollac
3. Kaklaipus
4. Cammut
5. Skrotokolm
6. Poldon



slik said...

They certainly are unique. Thanks for this.

X-Angel said...

slik, I know you visit the Swamp all the time, but if you missed it, Lokie posted their other album last week there. By the way, great post, Big Jack!

slik said...

Thanks for the heads-up

Matias said...

FUCk!! this is solid gold
thanks man!

Morgan said...

This band is so dope, LOVE IT.

Anonymous said...

is there any password for this one?