Sunday, January 27, 2008


Sludgemonsters JUMBO'S KILLCRANE originated just down the interstate from Big Jack Manor, performing in Lawrence, Kansas and recording this record in tiny Eudora. I would rate JKC among the more interesting sludge bands, if only because their location lends itself to a more psychedelic bent than most of their contemporaries. If the title track sounds familiar, it's probably because I've played it on ELEVATED RADIO. I find it to be the best song on the album. The entire album is solid, if somewhat of an endurance test. The mighty closer, "Die, Stabbed" has some very cool interplay between the guitar and bass during the more frantic passages. In closing, The Slow Decay is a great take on a genre firmly rooted in the south - not a WEEZER-lovin'/ honk-for-hemp college town where the best record shop in town is called The Love Garden*. Brutal sludge from a most unlikely place.

1. Intro
2. The Slow Decay
3. Brown
4. Locust Blanket
5. Coital Abyss
6. Die, Stabbed

*-Lawrence might actually be the coolest fuckin' town in the nation. I love everything about it. Just seems an unlikely haven for JUMBO'S KILLCRANE!



seth said...

hey guys, props on some great uploads lately, just had two questions:

would it be possible to get a re-up of leaf hound's 'growers of mushrooms'?
and do you have any black diamond heavies?

Tad said...


how close to lawrence are you?

and did you spend much time at the outhouse?

and what would be the chances of reupping project:annihilate?

Big Jack said...

Seth-- Yeah, I can definitely re-up the Leaf Hound. As for Black Diamond Heavies, I can't help you, but Matias might have it. If not, the guys over at the Sludge Swamp can probably help.

Tad-- I'm about 20 minutes from Lawrence. As for the Outhouse, I've been there, but it's never been a favorite stop of mine. Check with Blue Valley Bubba for those strange tales. As for the SST comp, yeah, I can definitely re-up that one.

Black Hole Son said...

Hey man--- Weezer used to be good. Haha.

Big Jack said...

Black Hole Son-- Haha I know, man. I like Weezer.

seth said...

yeah man that would be great, thanks. and i actually did manage to get ahold of black diamond heavies, if you want it let me know.

Big Jack said...

Seth-- I'm going out tonight, so I'll get that Leaf Hound reloaded for you in the morning. If you want to share that Black Diamond Heavies, I'd like to hear it. You can hit me up at, and I'll make sure it gets a proper post. Thanks in advance, my man.

Caron said...

Mate, awesome work you're doing here at this blog!

Keep it up!!!

Hugz from Spain

Tad said...


cool. like to see that sst comp.

I live in Lawrence, but have lived in KC, baldwin, and Topeka. I'm guessing you're in Topukea or KC... if in Topeka- know Billy Christ?

And I'm talking about pre-strip-club outhouse, of course. I started doing shows there about 85.

Big Jack said...

Tad-- Yeah I'm in KC. JoCo, actually. Been here about three years. So you play in Lawrence? I don't know anything about pre-nudie Outhouse, haha. I've been to shows at the B-Neck, Granada, the Jazz, and some other holes-in-the-wall.