Monday, January 14, 2008


Not a regular G.O.M.E. record, but yesterday I was looking into my library what to post and found this one that doesn't fit G.O.M.E. standards properly, but I do think that this one qualifier’s as H2F. So here you have a Scandinavian band, fully instrumental, and it's all about the bass guitar...if you dig earliest Primus things you will love this.

1. Histrionix
2. Wall's End
3. Soft Sugar
4. Ninety Parallels Ago
5. Ceofficient Ascender
6. Satin Vengeance
7. The Impious One

PD: Cool artwork by the way


Big Jack said...

Wow, I'm surprised no one commented on this one yet. I think it's pretty cool, Matias. I definitely understand your Primus reference. Maybe some Branca, too, as well as Thurston Moore/Sonic Youth. The heavier numbers actually remind me of Voivod's more art-rock stuff. I really dig this.

Jimmy Morbid said...

Ahhhh Voivod. Among the many prog bands that have come out over the years, I've always felt that Voivod received the least amount of credit or attention for what they did. This Scandinavian band that you put the spotlight on, they weren't half bad.

Alexander Vaughn said...

I approve. Thanks!

alexis kazazis said...

noxagt is toppest of top notch.
simply brilliant.