Wednesday, October 24, 2007

ROTOR - 3 (2007)

A genuine German band, with the emblematic German sound plus a heavy psych, makes this one unique in their style, now signed with Elektrohasch (Colour Haze label), and this 3rd album totally delivers.
Though I haven't heard it more than a few times, I love this one. No more talking, check the preview if don't believe me.

  1. Auf' Maul
  2. V-ger
  3. Rotor
  4. Hart im Wind
  5. Umkehrschub
  6. Drehsturm
  7. Klar Schiff
  8. Nordend
  9. Kaltstart
  10. Transporter

Preview before download



Cheeto said...

Funny story here, I was going to post this album on my blog a while back, but I could not find a cover picture for it! I googled it, and just could not find the damn cover art... Yeah, it's a great album, I have 1 & 2 also, but I have them all on my HD, with no cover art!

adogg said...

thanks! great album!

2 cheeto: could you upload 1 & 2 please? Soulseek isn't working for me :(

Matias said...

Cheeto, I'm going to tell you a little secret! This is not the cover pic either, It's impossible to get it, the cover it's very similar to this one. But I got the 2's album cover, I`ll pass it to you so pls post it on your great blog

Cheeto said...

Thanx, Matias! Yeah, I even went to their website, and it's german humor, I guess, but it is set up to look like a advertisement for a blender. (, our blog is sludgeswamp, not sludgetoswamp! Did you do that on purpose? LOL! Cheers+Weed!

sebastián j. said...

este disco me quemó el paty, es excelente!.

despierta mi curiosidad q por chacarita se ven pintadas de RotoR (la ultima R al revés), no se si será una banda de aca del mismo nombre o por amor a estos geniales chuckrutenses.

Matias said...

De Chacarita a Berlin hay un solo paso...
Cheeto, hit me up at and I'll pass u some info & pics.
Yeah man, I did that on purpose!!HAHA Cheerz + Boobs

BlackHoleSon said...

The preview before download is an awesome idea. Not that it wasn't fine before, but I liked the fact that I didn't have to download 60+ megs just to see what they are like. Are you planning on doing it for every post from now on?

Mike Zippo said...

Sweet been looking for this one!
I was just busting x-angels balls about this!

Luka said...

Can you please upload something by Sasquatch. I heard The Judge here on Elevator and me like :). It has kind of hermano/slo burn guitars whic is great.

Baron said...

That is a faaaantastic album.

Also, I don't know what you guys are doing, but I managed to track down some cover-art without a whole tonne of trouble (not as much trouble as I've had with other things).

So for you guys here it is.

Rotor - 3

Cheers again for the great upload. Also, just as a general question, are you able to try and get better quality songs (ie 192kbps+)? I don't know if these are your own rips or not, it was just a question.

Great blog.

Big Jack said...

Baron-- You're not the first person to ask for higher quality mp3s. As I've half-joked in the past, if the G.O.M.E. Faithful want to band together and send Matias and I both the money for bigger external hard drives, then we might be able to raise the bit rates, haha. 'Til then, storage space is precious.

Also, this goes without saying, but G.O.M.E. isn't an alternative to purchasing records. We encourage you to support these bands (in the cases where the albums are still available).

Glad you dig the blog, man. Keep checking back!

Matias said...

BJ has spoken for me, want more quality?, buy their records, we just promote the stuff in here..
Thanks for the cover, man! Wellcome aboard!

m0nk said...

Could you plz repost RotoR 3. Mediafire Link is invalid.


Anonymous said...

can anyone reup it please?!

Brown Herald said...