Tuesday, October 16, 2007


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Whiskey rock from Brooklyn? Well, not exactly, but THE BROUGHT LOW does bring a tractor trailer's worth of southern influences to the table. Our main man Jordan requested the debut, which features "Goddamn God Bless", but G.O.M.E. decided to post the band's most recent release, Right on Time. It's the better of the two albums, in my opinion, as well as a stonerrock.com favorite. Equal parts AC/DC and LYNYRD SKYNYRD, THE BROUGHT LOW is a band I thought would rival QOTSA on mainstream radio and Billboard charts. Of course, QOTSA has a multinational conglomerate pimping their records while THE BROUGHT LOW's two albums have been released on Tee Pee and Small Stone, respectively. A throwback to simpler times, when rock & roll was both fun and powerful, Right on Time is highly recommended to the Faithful.

1. A Better Life
2. Hail Mary
3. This Ain't No Game
4. Tell Me
5. Dear Ohio
6. Throne
7. Vernon Jackson
8. Shakedown
9. Blues for Cubby
10. There's a Light



BlackHoleSon said...

I requested this a while back, but it seems like no one had it. Anyway, I finally found it and here's the link:

Brain Police - Beyond the Wasteland

Anonymous said...

The Brought Low = proper f'n RnR.

Great post, fantastic blog!

slik said...

Thanks for this one Big Jack, I have the debut, and have been looking for this one. Great sounding guitars. This band must really kick some ass live.

Anonymous said...

Hey BJ,

could you download the Butcher Cd


Anonymous said...

Hey this is fantastic! Awesome shit! Really cool blog, may it live forever! Great!!!!

btw. I'm from switzerland down in europe, hope my english is not too bad ;-) See ya

Chris said...

thanks....sounds good. kick ass. great blog.

Matias said...

Wellcome you people from all over the world!!
See BJ, everyday a new GOMIE is born somewhere in this world....
Keep comming back and tell your sisters about us! haha.........
Love you guys

Big Jack said...

Ron-- I was never able to get it, man. I don't know what's going on. I can never DL from RapidShare. Hopefully one of these guys will MediaFire or ZShare it for me. Thanks anyway, my friend.

Matias-- Hell yeah, I keep meaning to send you our stats. We AVERAGE between 800 and 1000 hits a day, which is pretty damn impressive for such a young and niche-oriented blog. In September, we had almost 33,000 hits. To put that in perspective, in February, I had 1203. Even while we're only posting sporadically, and focusing on The Elevator Sessions, new people are discovering us and, hopefully, getting involved. Pretty damn cool, man. Pretty damn cool.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, one of my favorites! Great post.

Anonymous said...

Great, any chance of their first album being posted? I've looked quite high and quite low, and since I got the second one here, cheers! If not I'll be grabbing a lot more stuff, so, thanks! Good work!

Nathalie said...

Could you please upload this album again?