Thursday, October 18, 2007


Enough Whiskey rock!! Its time to go down, with this 1990 masterpiece, yeah, talking about the great Mark Lanegan, a kind of Johnny Cash drowned in alcohol.
Here he finds a kindred spirit in Kurt Cobain as the two join forces to present "Down in the Dark." And his version of Leadbelly's "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" is as charged as ever with pent-up frustration and jealousy. An emotional journey through the pains of life..

1. Mockingbirds
2. Museum
3. Undertow
4. Ugly Sunday
5. Down In The Dark
6. Wild Flowers
7. Eyes Of A Child
8. Winding Sheet
9. Woe
10. Ten Feet Tall
11. Where Did You Sleep Last Night
12. Juarez
13. I Love You Little Girl



david said...

Thanx a lot bro

david said...

link does not work.
OH well,i 'm sure it will get sorted out.

Matias said...

Fixed baby!! my bad, sorry..

david said...

Btw did I mention this blog site kicks all kind of ass
thanx again

Big Jack said...

Great post, Matias. I already had this one (along with all Lanegan's stuff), but I love the idea of more people discovering his excellent music. He's amazing.

Peluka said...

Ohh, more grungie... yeah!!

Rinjo Njori said...

don't know how I missed this... I didn't know he did solo back in 90

Matias said...

yeah Rinjo, and here you have the other one of 1994

Peluka said...

I was lisening last night.... A really very beautifull grungie album. I love it. Thanx Matute for the second one, i'm dowmloading rigth now. This weekend, will be a Lanegan Weekend.

Anonymous said...

love your blog and especially this. Found a really good cover for all who happen upon here... or those that can use google search. keep it burning -sob

Big Cover:

Dreadnok said...

Thanks! Great site BTW, keep it up.

Nerkon said...

Muy buen album, siempre es bueno recordar que el cover original de "LeadBelly"..Where did you sleep last nigth fue versionado por Lanegan y Cobain juntos en este album.

Luego de años de sequia este temon esta saliendo a flote nuevamente gracias a The Gutter Twins (MArk Lanegan y Greg Dully) en alguno de sus conciertos.

Ahi encontrars varios bootlegs de Lanegan y the gutter twins con temas del disco que comentas y el resto de su discografia.


Anonymous said...

esse disco, assim como tudo o que vem do mestre Mark Lanegan, é perfeito demais!