Wednesday, October 03, 2007


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Yet another forgotten Man's Ruin casualty, brought to you by G.O.M.E. In 2001, as the legendary Man's Ruin was circling the drain, they managed to crank out this surprisingly consistent and thoroughly enjoyable album from San Jose's OPERATOR GENERATOR. As you're all no doubt aware, some bands had better luck than others when it came to getting their music heard post-Man's Ruin, and OPERATOR GENERATOR were, unfortunately, one of the more overlooked bands. As for the music itself? They owe the requisite debts to SABBATH, but there's a lot more going on here. These guys were equally influenced by the experimentation and melodic sense of late '60s/early '70s psych rock. Polar Fleet is a bit brief, but it's a great rock & roll record that will have no trouble holding your attention. "Soul of Lavamore", featuring an electric sitar, is worth the cost of admission alone. Highly recommended.

1. Equinox Planetarium
2. Polar Fleet
3. Museum's Flight
4. Atmospheric Insect/The Launch
5. Quaintance of Natherack
6. Arctic Quest
7. Infinite Loop
8. Soil of Lavamore



Beathoven said...

Why not post a Man's Ruin special??

david said...

Thanx a lot
Its great to be here.
I'll do a search and see what I got to share

Reverend Atman said...

dang, big jack, how does one leave you a personal note?

BlackHoleSon said...

Thanks for the post, never heard of these guys before and they are great. I especially like the last two songs... amazing!

Matias said...

If it's Mans Ruin, it's compulsory to download.... essential man!
And Wellcome you newbies

Big Jack said...

Rev-- You can always hit me up at

Cheeto said...

Nice post, I have this one, and always meant to post it on our blog, but kept forgetting. Thanx for giving it it's light!

Anonymous said...

hey BJ.

great cd, got it myself for years,
I will check my man's ruin collection, and post somthing from it, as soon I got the time.

Cheers, Ron

mr.A said...

Awsome dude, Thanks! Id always wanna hear this one, but i couldnt get a copy..

jordan said...

so much good shit came offa man's ruin, it's amazing.

good album, this one. :D

Anonymous said...

Ok, here my first Man's Ruin upload, enjoy


Greetz, Ron

Anonymous said...

The 2nd Man's Ruin goodie
hope to hear some positive vibes,


Enjoy, Ron

Matias said...

love you Ron

Anonymous said...

Thanx Mathias for apreciation, ezpecially for you the 3nd post,

Enjoy Bro,

By the way would you please reupload for me the Yawning Man - Live At The Stardust Club 2003
& how's the statue on the Across The River? (forgotten???)

Anonymous said...

And here the last one for today

enjoy, Ron

Cheeto said...

Awesome, Ron!!! Thanx for sharing the uploads! Man's Ruin totally ruled, so many great bands passed through those doors. Salud, my friend!

Big Jack said...

Man I don't know what the fuck is going on. All Ron's links give me "File Not Found". Maybe it's just RapidShare. They have a vendetta against me. I don't know. Thanks, though, Ron.

Can you guys re-up Ron's submissions so I can get them and put up proper posts? Thanks.

Anonymous said...


I realy don't know why you can't get them, but I checked them out and they all work perfect.


Cheeto said...

Yeah, bro, all Ron's links work for me, too. Try typing it into your browser, instead of copy and paste.

R0flmywaffles said...

One of my favorite albums of all time. Bought it after the first listen.