Tuesday, October 09, 2007


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This one's for our main man Roadburner (sorry for the delay, bro). The rest of you can take it or leave it. A lot of people hate ACRIMONY, calling them knockoffs, wanna-bes, poseurs, trend-hoppers, and various other disparaging names. Hell, I believe G.O.M.E.'s own Mighty Matias put it bluntly on this very page: "I don't like ACRIMONY". Well, this demo from '92 is proof positive that ACRIMONY did indeed ape, or attempt to ape, the desert sound. A Sombre Thought is death doom with some thrash/speed metal passages. Based on this tape, you'd never in a million years imagine this band releasing some of the best desert-influenced groove-based rock of the old century. If I haven't made myself clear, let me come right out and say it: I love ACRIMONY, but I never listen to A Sombre Thought. Thank god these guys discovered KYUSS.

1. Ever Sleeping Dawn
2. Mourn the Dead
3. Carved in Stone



Levi said...

fuck yeah more acrimony!
I would never have gotten into them if not for this blog.

Anonymous said...

HeLL YeAH!!!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Need I say more?

High from the Lowlands!!

Matias said...

I got to take back what I said....don't dig them but don't hate them either, but this one actually got something..

Anonymous said...

Oke BJ & Mathias,

here your wish items

Mathias, please don't forget my request (across the river & yawning man

Cheers, Ron

Matias said...

Live yawning man no problem, across the river almost impossible...but I said I'll get it to you, so I wont rest till that happens.
Thanks Ron!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mathias, enjoy this one,
great band from australia


Cheerz Mate, Ron

Cheeto said...

Thanx, once again, Ron!! Great hook-up!

R0flmywaffles said...

Damn near my favorite band. Fuck the haters.

mike said...

Hello to everyone, I have just discovered acrimony and think they are shtthot, i would to listen to a sombre thought (and acid elephant for that matter) but i am having problems downloading it from your link. Does anyone have any advice about how or where i can download them from (also if you know where i can get solstice sadness from that would be awesome)


Anonymous said...

i have to dissapoit you but this one not stoner maetal Acrimony but thrash metal band from Poland. sorry;)