Monday, October 15, 2007

COLOUR HAZE - CO2 (2000)

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The G.O.M.E. Faithful seems to really dig COLOUR HAZE, so I thought I'd share this gem from 2000. While COLOUR HAZE eventually became a unique band of a class all their own, this particular record displays a very distinct KYUSS influence. While not quite up to the standards of the band's more recent efforts, CO² is a very solid desert-inspired rock album, and shows many signs of the brilliance that would come later. Highlights include "Motormind" and the epic closing title track.

1. Get It On
2. Shine
3. All Right
4. Motormind
5. Inside
6. CO²



rian_xjml said...

this album is awesome, i really like the title track. any chance of an upload of more of their stuff? i can't find it anywhere!

Big Jack said...

Rian-- Yeah, just do a blog search. We have lots of Colour Haze stuff here. Also check yesterday's posts. I posted the debut!