Sunday, October 14, 2007

Its time for you doze - DOZER x 3

Yeah, I know I've been a bit lazy last couple of days, but here is my pay off.
3 great albums from the Swedish grooviest band of the genre, so, let's hit the road!
If I have to choose one, I'll sure would go for "In the Tail Of a Comet", the best Kyuss-Fu Manchu crossover I ever heard..the others are prettty good also, but I think they lost their identity from erliest albums.
  1. "Supersoul"
  2. "Lightyears Ahead"
  3. "Speeder"
  4. "Inside the Falcon"
  5. "Riding The Machine"
  6. "Cupola"
  7. "Grand Dragon"
  8. "Captain Sweetheart"
  9. "High Roller"

  1. "Hills Have Eyes"
  2. "Rising"
  3. "Feelgood Formula"
  4. "The Exit"
  5. "Spirit Fury Fire"
  6. "A Matter of Time"
  7. "Man Made Mountain"
  8. "Way to Redemption"
  9. "Crimson Highway"
  10. "Black Light Revolution"
  11. "Glorified"
  12. "Lightning Stalker"

  1. "Drawing Dead"
  2. "Born a Legend"
  3. "From Fire Fell"
  4. "Until Man Exists No More"
  5. "Days of Future Past"
  6. "Omega Glory"
  7. "Blood Undone"
  8. "The Roof, The River, The Revolver"
  9. "Man of Fire"
  10. "Big Sky Theory"


BlackHoleSon said...

I'd actually say that "Through the Eyes of Heathens" is their best.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Dozer, great site!!


David Snusgrop said...