Monday, October 15, 2007


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Here's a split release from everyone's favorite sons of the south, ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY, paired with New Jersey (and SOLARIZED) expatriates HALFWAY TO GONE. As splits go, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more likely tandem. Aside from both sides kicking ass to the Nth degree, this split is also notable for being H2G's debut. "Thee Song" might actually be the highlight of the record, though it's hard to overlook the mighty ATP's two contributions. I enjoy the more recent Kyle Thomas ATP stuff, but these tracks are a trip down memory lane...back to the Johnny Thockmorton-fronted Man's Ruin days. Four fantastic shots of the absolute top shelf of whiskey rock.

1. ATP - Heavyweight
2. ATP - Rabdos (The Strangler)
3. H2G - Darktown Strutter
4. H2G - Thee Song



jordan said...

big jack,

humbly requesting you post whichever album "goddamn god bless" is off, by the brought low.

listening to that now on the player and it's kicking my ass, i'd love to hear the rest of the album.


gillberk said...

They debuted with Rise Again later that year, and recorded River City Revival, released in 1999. 2000's Constellation and 2002's Staring at the Divine followed. Alabama Thunderpussy parted ways with Man's Ruin and singer Johnny Throckmorton later that year, signing to Relapse Records and hiring new frontman Johnny Weils. Weils' first album with ATP is Fulton Hill released on May 25, 2004. For reasons unknown, Weils is no longer a member of ATP. His replacement is Kyle Thomas, formerly of New Orleans bands, Floodgate and Exhorder.

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