Monday, November 19, 2007


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Make no mistake about it, I owe you guys an apology. I guaranteed a weekly show and I failed to deliver. That said, I set out to rock this motherfucker harder than all four of the previous shows put together! Hopefully you guys dig it. Thank Tyler for the killer intro.



Cheeto said...

YEAAAAHHHH!!!!! Big Jack delivers, as promised! I will give this a listen, and comment a little later on!!! Cheers!

Cheeto said...

Hell yeah!! Killer come-back show, Big Jack. Awesome tune picking, and the Lucky Beer commercial about killed me!!! LOL! Did I hear some COC in your background music? Big props on playing Clutch. Thanx, as always, for plugging the Swamp!!Big Props go out to you saying your piece on the fuck-head who complained about your post. We all respect the bands, shit, man, bands comment on our blog all the time saying thanks for the posts, it has brought more visiters to their MySpaces, ect. Bands even send us demos and albums to post. We order music all the time, paying shitloads of money to record companies so we can post an album for people to leech, but I'm thinking alot of those people will buy the album. Anyways, thanx for that. Anyways, excellent show, is there anyway you can up the quality from 128 to 198, or 320? If you need help in that department, e-mail me @ Love ya, man, and Props + Respect as always, bro!

Andy said...

oops tried to edit m last post and ended up deleting it.

enjoyed the show again as always.

i had the pleasure of seeing brant bjork and the bros on thursday night last week. After the gig enjoyed an after show party with the legendary Alfredo Hernandez.. who had some great kyuss and yawning man stories.. i only wish i could remember them :)

Big Jack said...

Cheeto-- Thanks for the props, my friend. Glad you dug the show. You did indeed hear some COC. I looped "Stare Too Long" for bumper music. Nice ear!

As for upping the bit rate, I've considered it, but probably no higher than 192. A 60-minute show at 256 or 320kbps is just too large of a file.

Be on the lookout for a special Thanksgiving edition of the podcast!

Thanks again, man. Cheers!

Big Jack said...


That's too cool, man! You were in the presence of legends. I'd love to hear those stories!

Rinjo Njori said...

As I stream the show on zshare-- the background video works great with the music. Don't know if anyone else noticed that as well.

mad4music said...

A fine comeback show!

You left me jonesing last week for my Elevated Radio fix... I passed the time sitting in the corner of my room, hugging my knees, rocking back and forth... waiting... waiting... (ha!)

I love the new opening to the show. Very cool. And I particularly enjoyed the 500 ft of Pipe and Fireball Ministry. Looking forward to the next one!

--El Capitan

Matias said...

Great Show indeed! There's always a room for Brother Brant...
Rinjo: What video??? HAHA

Sangresabia said...

This shit keeps getting better! I'm diggin' it, man! Particularly awesome tune selection this week.

Midget said...

Awesome awesome awesome. Love it.

Any chance you might be able to play and/or post some Roadsaw in the future? Possibly something from 'Nationwide'??