Wednesday, November 07, 2007


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This is a great compilation for completists, as well as those of you just discovering the greatness of ACRIMONY. Bong On - Live Long! compiles The Acid Elephant EP with the ACRIMONY side of the CHRUCH OF MISERY split, and separates the EPs with two tracks from hard-to-find compilations. "Earthchild Inferno" was originally released on Rise Above's 1996 Dark Passages Vol. II compilation, while "O Baby" (a STATUS QUO cover) was originally featured on Peaceville's tenth anniversary disc. In my opinion, the best thing about Bong On - Live Long! is that it rescues ACRIMONY's last five recordings, which were quite possibly their very best, from obscurity. When the band called it quits, these recordings were inexplicably thrown on a split release with CHURCH OF MISERY - a stupid pairing that scared away all but the most devout ACRIMONY fans. Those tracks resurface here, though, in all their glory and among other gems from one of hard rock's most underrated bands. This is a great place to start for new fans working their back through ACRIMONY's catalog. For the diehards? It's kind of sad. This is a band that seemed to progress ten-fold with every recording session. Each release was better than its predecessor, and few would argue that the band's two LPs are bona fide genre CLASSICS. Bong On - Live Long! showcases a band clearly in top creative form. While that's obviously the key selling point of the record, it's also proof positive that the band left us just as they hit their stride, and that's unfortunate.

1. Spaced Cat #7 (Hammond Moon-Bong Mix)
2. The Inn
3. The Bud Song
4. Fire-Dance (Live from the Planet Urbalaboom)
5. Earthchild Inferno
6. O Baby
7. Tumuli
8. Satellite 19
9. In Other Wor(l)ds
10. 100 New Gods
11. Timebomb!!!



Cheeto said...

This is a great album, I first found it on back in the summer, and had not really listened to it too much. But tonight, I put er' on the stereo, and , hell yeah.. Thanx for puttin' it up, because I don't believe too many people got it on my hombre's blog. Cheers!

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the link is dead!
when you have time re-upload it!

Keep On Rollin

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